I am fascinated by the pace and momentum of the way that digital evolution has affected our lives in so many ways.  From the way we work, perhaps most obviously, to the way that our children are educated, the cars we drive and the way we consume.  

This article was posted by the Digital Acceleration Lead for the McDonalds corporation, Basak Yilmaz Keskin.  If Basaks thought process is being influenced by bringing an end to the "take-make-dispose" way of consuming, then this should get us all thinking.  

Buying something, using it and then throwing it away when its broken is fast becoming dated to the point where it is no longer valid.  The nucleus of netflix-ication models seems to be commercial and physical dependent; subscription based services consumed using whatever mobile device you have.  

Could it be the case that we are about to see the McDonalds digital wallet emerge where we all top up our accounts so that we can go-large when ever we want, or so that McDonalds can find us through where the device GPS states our location as?